6 Best Smart Water Bottles – Rankings, Reviews & Buyers Guide

Best Smart Water Bottle

Did you know that you probably aren’t drinking enough water? It’s true: a significant percentage of people simply don’t stay hydrated like they need to be. A lot of people carry around a water bottle of their own in the hope that they can consume enough water throughout the day. But this strategy still falls short What you need is a bottle that quite literally tells you if you are drinking enough water. That’s why we’re going to tell you about the best smart water bottle out there (along with a few other companions).

6 Best Smart Water Bottles:

RankPictureProductCompanion App?Features
#1CloudCUP Hydration Tracker Smart BottleCloudCUP Hydration Tracker Smart BottleYesVolume, Temperature, Drink Reminder
#2Foladion Smart Sports Smart Water BottleFoladion Smart Sports Water BottleNoSpray, Night Light, SOS Warning Light, Drink Reminder, Humidifier, USB Recharging
#3SWIGM Smart Water BottleSWIGM Smart Water BottleNoDrink Reminder, Temperature
#4Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water BottleHidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water BottleYesDrink Reminder, Integrates with Fitbit®, Apple® Watch, and others
#5Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart LidThermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart LidYesTracks Intake, Integrates with Fitbit®
#6H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration TrackerH2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration TrackerYesTracks Intake, Drink Reminders

#1: CloudCUP Hydration Tracker Smart Bottle

CloudCUP Hydration Tracker Smart Bottle
CloudCUP Hydration Tracker Smart Bottle

The CloudCUP is our absolute favorite in the smart water bottle game. Their 16 ounce bottle uses Bluetooth technology to give you information on an iOS/Android app to help you get into the habit of great drinking schedule. While this functionality is enough to make it an awesome product by itself, the CloudCUP does so much more.

The Portable Water Ionizer uses the most up-to-date tech to maintain a perfect pH level in your water as well as add antioxidants to keep you even healthier. It also has sensors to detect water purity and volume that it displays on its built-in touch screen. And the structure of the bottle itself is made to last. The high-borate borosilicate glass and stainless steel base make this bottle resistant to everything that you could throw at it.

In the app, you can check out charts and graphs of your drinking habits, and be reminded about your water drinking routine after you set it. This handy addition to your life can – all by itself – make you a healthier human being for years to come. All of the features and functions that this bottle packs in make it the best smart water bottle that we can find and an absolute crowd pleaser. If you want the best smart water bottle, you’ve find it already.

#2: Foladion Smart Sports Water Bottle

Foladion Smart Sports Smart Water Bottle
Foladion Smart Sports Smart Water Bottle

Looking for an option that is both stylish and functional? Check out Foladion’s Smart Sports Water Bottle. Made out of Food Grade Silicone, this bottle won’t have that funky plastic smell that others do. It is ultra lightweight and made specifically for those who want a smart bottle that works outdoors.

Foladion also took note to make sure that their bottle is durable, too, so that the outdoor crowd won’t have to worry about having to buy a new bottle any time soon. As far as the “smart” capabilities that this cottle has, this really boils down to a reminder function that tells you to drink up every 2 hours, just in case you forget.

There is also a multi-functional LED light thrown into the mix for more outdoors handiness. This bottle is an all-around great choice for hiking, climbing, and everyday use

#3: SWIGM Smart Water Bottle

SWIGM Smart Water Bottle
SWIGM Smart Water Bottle

SWIGM designed this bottle with you in mind. Yes, you specifically. The LCD HD touch screen is completely custom for your needs.

The functionality is customizable as you can create goals for your own water consumption and alarms with whatever frequency you wish. Want to make sure you drink every two hours? Go ahead. Or have your goals changed since you last adjusted your bottle’s settings? Then let it know!

Pro tip: You can also use the alarm to remind you when to take medicines!

As for the construction of the bottle itself, you’re looking at only the highest in water bottle production. From the space aluminum lid, pure stainless steel of the body of the bottle, and aforementioned touch screen’s awesomeness, you’re getting a bottle made to last. The battery powering the smart capabilities is also outstanding considering the 30 day battery life. Altogether, this bottle is a great choice.

#4: Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle
Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle

Just from its sweet body styling, you know this bottle is the latest and greatest in smart bottle technology. Through Bluetooth and its accompanying iOS and Android app, you can track how much water you drink right on your phone. This bottle also can be used in conjunction with Fitbits, Apple Watches, and other fitness trackers.

The bottle itself holds 24 ounces, fits in the average cupholder, has a hollow portion to hold medicines or supplement powders, and is dishwasher safe. We know: Wow. It also is battery operated so you don’t need to every worry about charging it. But here’s our favorite part: Instead of using noises to tell you when you need to drink up, it glows. The psychedelic yet easy on the uses is a nice alert that will keep you hydrated as long as your bottle is in your view.

#5: Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid
Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

The next option we have for showing you real-time information on the water you are drinking is the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid. After you give your bottle a little bit of information about you, it will give you the recommended amount of water you need to drink in a day – and hold you to it. The connected app will also give you information in the form of charts and graphs about your water consumption and tell you if you have been hitting your goals or not.

The bit we love most about this particular bottle is it’s a really natural option. Some people don’t want their smart bottle to stand out from the crowd and we respect that. That’s why we put this bottle on the list. It looks just like a regular bottle but the electronic portion of the lid is discreetly placed between the water itself and the spout where you get your water. Inside, you’ll find a battery (with an awesome 12 days of battery life!) and all of the necessary components to get your bottle connected to your phone. We highly recommend this Thermos product and we know you would absolutely love it.

#6: H20Pal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker
H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

Welcome to the future. Or at least the future of hydration. The H20Pal looks and feels like a sweet piece of technology that will make sure you stay hydrated through every single day. And, to put it simply, that’s exactly what it is. Just give your bottle information like your activity levels, height, weight, gender, and the general climate around you and your bottle will know just how much water you need to be drinking at all times.

Now, we would like to warn you so you aren’t disappointed when you find out that this bottle is made of glass. That makes is less than ideal for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities where it might get beat up. The glass is there to add that feeling of elegance that you can only get from drinking out of a genuine glass cup. That means the H20Pal looks nice, feels nice, and drinks nice. It’s on our list of the best smart water bottle options out there for a reason, folks, and that’s because it’ll be your new best friend that you don’t leave your home without.

Smart Water Bottle Buyer’s Guide

The best smart water bottle is only as good as the decisions you make while buying one. There are a lot of things that can be different about each and every bottle that need to be closely paid attention to so let’s go through a few things that you may need to check out before you make your purchase.

Smart Water Bottle Benefits

To begin, let’s talk about the benefits of having one of the best smart water bottle products available. First, there’s the ease of use factor. The gentle reminder to drink some water every now and then makes things easier for you in your daily life – and can have a giant impact on how you act and feel throughout the day.

In fact, the difference between being properly hydrated and dehydrated is staggering. If you are the kind of person that is consistently not drinking enough water, you’ll find that you will have an improved mood, better skin, better neural function, and so much more just by changing this one small habit. We all know the age old fact that our bodies are 75% water so it’s about time that you start taking care of yourself in this way!

What to Look For When Buying a Smart Water Bottle

When you’re going to get your brand new, best smart water bottle, you’ll want to cover a few important bases. First, durability. If you’re planning on taking your water bottle into harsher environments, make sure you’re getting a bottle that can handle this type of activity. For instance, the glass option above wouldn’t be appropriate – but nearly every other option would be!

Second, check into whether you would want to have a bottle that uses internal or external batteries. External batteries will last longer but – as we all know – you seem to never have those AAs around the house when you need them!

Last, think about how it is that you want your bottle to be reminding you when you drink up. On this list, we have bottles that can shoot you a notification on your phone. There are others that will simply beep at you. And still there is the Hidrate bottle that just glows to let you know that you need to drink. So, in this way, you can get a bottle that works with your own preferences.

Things to Avoid When Buying a Smart Water Bottle

There are some things, however, that need to be avoided when it comes to getting a smart water bottle. First and foremost, we simply recommend that you avoid getting a cheap bottle. Although it may feel better at first, we promise the long term benefits of getting a bottle that is “worth it” will vastly out way the extra $20. Cheap bottles won’t be durable, won’t communicate with your phone, won’t have any actually useful features, and simply just won’t cut it. To get the best smart water bottle for you, one that you will love for years to come, it is our recommendation that you avoid “going for the cheap-o.”

Smart Water Bottle FAQs

What is a smart water bottle?

A smart water bottle is a portable water container that has the added benefits of being able to help you stay hydrated. The bottle will know when you haven’t been drinking enough water and will alert you when you need to be heading back to the well sooner rather than later. In this way, it helps you avoid dehydration and stay healthy throughout your days.

Do Smart water bottles have BPA?

The best smart water bottle list you’re looking at here isn’t going to have any bottles that have BPA in them. The companies making these products know that if you’re the kind of person that wants to be healthy and hydrated, you definitely don’t want any BPA in your life. Therefore, this list (and these products) are BPA free!

Are smart water bottles safe?

Absolutely safe. A smart water bottle is a genuinely great idea for getting you healthier by getting you enough water through every day. The electronics are housed completely away from the water itself so there is no shock risk and your data will not be shared around without your permission if that is a concern for you. Totally safe, very helpful!


Here’s the bottom line when you look at the best smart water bottle: It will get you hydrated. The benefits of getting hydrated and staying hydrated are just as important as eating the right kind of daily diet and a good exercise regimen. If you are like many people around the world, you’re not drinking enough water and you probably don’t even know it. We’re just glad that you can change this habit today by getting the best smart water bottle possible and getting healthier, starting today.

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